What´s cooking?

by ceciliemo ~ June 30th, 2009. Filed under: Food in the UK, Latest News, SOL.no.

In my work as a journalist at SOL.no I get lot of good links from freelance journalists and other people who work for us as “experts” in different fields, eg. “Food”, “Comics”, “Interior Decoration”, “Parents” etc. Every month they make a top-five-list of something interesting in their field and send one recommendation. This month I want to share som of the food-links with you:
Rick Stein´s Padstow Seafood School in Wales. Here you can enjoy cooking classes and eat in one of his restaurants and stay in one of his 40 rooms. Why not go to Wales some day?

Other cookery schools:
The International Kitchen – cooking school vacations in Italy, France and Spain
The Bertinet Kitchen – Cookery Class in Bath – Bread making
Academia Barilla – Italian Food Culture
Lesley Waters Cookery School in Dorset, UK

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